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editation for me has been an incredible and enlightening experience that I am excited to share with you.
I was introduced to Transcendental meditation and I was hooked from the start, even though it made me feel so emotional. I felt as though I had nowhere to hide, my anxiety was horrific. All of the trauma and problems I had been medicating with alcohol started to surface. Meditation changes the brain structure which helps fight addiction, it just makes you feel like you really want the best for yourself. It's tough work doing the self-work but boy is it worth it.
Meditation is like a compass to guide you through quietening your mind enough to find the right path. The shift in consciousness was a real struggle for my ego. I had a real inner battle of the old me trying to fight what I was becoming. Writing this knowing how I was feeling, I do not know why I carried on meditating at this point. Luckily at this point I found Eckhartolle, he gave me understanding of the inner voice and the ego. My meditations started to become more beautiful and slowly things started to get lighter.
Practicing Meditation has giving me a great intuition with my body, I have almost become my own doctor. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after the constant pain in my neck and shoulders. I was shipped off with a cocktail of drugs which made me feel awful. I threw them away and started to gently exercise, do yoga and submerge myself into freezing cold water. After 6 months, it healed my pain of 20 years.
Meditation has given me great self-realisation, self-love and faith. Even in tough times. I really have the ease that everything is going to be ok. Meditation is an incredible tool to transcend and to live a life in a higher state of consciousness.
I am so passionate about meditation, it is all I think about, I have helped a lot of people by guiding them towards a spiritual path and I cannot express enough the satisfaction I get from watching them heal.

1-to-1 Meditation

One to one mindfulness and meditation sessions

Reiki Sessions

Energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch

Group Meditations

Group meditation sessions to connect & nourish mind, body and soul

Breathing Therapy

Alleviate stress and anxiety, while helping with concentration and sleep

Meditation ProgramsJoin an online meditation session

Here we could list recorded videos and maybe even advertise when you have live sessions (if you do that?)

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